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DeFuze Australia: Essential Oil Diffusers

The coolest way to diffuse essential oils on the go!

We're Aussies, and our range is handmade and designed in sunny Perth, WA.

Just add a drop or two of your best blends from your fave oil co. (we love them all!), and start living your best, realistic holistic life.

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Lava Bracelets

An essential for everyday wear, DeFuze Australia Lava Bracelets are the most practical and effective way of wearing your oils.

Unisex, and available in 3 sizes: perfect for the whole family!

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DeFuze for Kids

Aromatherapy is an excellent way for kids to enjoy the benefits of nature's essential oils.

Whether it's a necklace, bracelet, or bag tag, they too can diffuse all day with DeFuze.

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Doggy DeFuze

Dogs are prone to all sorts of stresses and ailments, many of which can be helped by nature's essential oils.

Our Doggy DeFuze Aromatherapy Pendants are the cutest way to get your pup in on the oily benefits! 

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I find these bottles great and easy to use and value for money.

Katrina - Roller Bottles

Love these earrings. They look so natural in my ears and so easy and quickly absorbs the essential oil.

Thea - Earrings

I wear my lanyard everyday at work, and with this I can have my essential oils around me all day too! Love the design and modern look.

Nat - Lanyard

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How to Safely Diffuse Essential Oils in the Classroom

How to Safely Diffuse Essential Oils in the Classroom

Use essential oils in the classroom to fight airborne infections, to promote calm, and focus. But essential oils are powerful, and without proper training in their use, diffusing in the class could be unsafe. Find better and safer options for using essential oils in the classroom here.
The Benefits of Lava Stone

The Benefits of Lava Stone

Lava Stones (Basalt, Lava Rock, Volcanic Lava Rock) are created from the raw energies of fire and earth erupting under intense pressure.

They're literally made from hot volcanic lava erupting from deep within the Earth's core, which cools to become porous and black.

And they make great aromatherapy diffuser beads.

We are the faces x

We are the faces x

There are so many of us… Some of us deal in silence, some in heartbreaking wails. All of us coming to terms with our grief. The big and the small. ...