But who is Playdough REALLY for?

There are so many wonderful things you can do with essential oils. I literally use them for everything. Cooking, cleaning, playing, physical ailments and emotional meltdowns. They are a big part of my life, but they don’t always seem easy to use.

However… They are. Trust me. They are.

So I thought I would start giving you some more quick and easy ways to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life.

This week I made Playdough for my littlest.

I always thought you needed a thermomixer to be able to make good playdough. Turns out, you do not! So here is my recipe. Share it far and wide cos it is THE best playdough recipe you will ever find. Super simple and with hardly any mess.

2 cups plain flour
4 tablespoons cream of tartar
2 tablespoons of cooking oil
1 cup salt
2 cups boiling water
Food colouring (easiest if you add to water)
10-15 drops essential oils of your choice.

Pop all into a mixing bowl.
Mix together with a spoon, then knead with your hands.
When it has cooled, it’s READY!
I sometimes add in sprinkles or glitter too.
Store in fridge for safe keeping and longer use.    

And that’s it! Literally 5 mins with maximum gains you guys. MAXIMUM!

So many great essential oil combo’s can be used too. I used patchouli and grapefruit. A great mix to keep kids focused and confident, and it smells divine! I also love a lavender blend, great for night time play.

The thing with playdough is, we pretend it is just for the kids, but any Mumma will tell you that it is one of the few activities you can do with your kids and genuinely love because you love it, not because you love that they love it.

The whole thing, the making, the kneading, the pounding, the cutting… It’s therapeutic. You can put all your stress into a ball of playdough and walk away feeling like you’ve had a gossip and a cocktail with your bestie.

And it is these moments, these moments of new found bliss that we need to explore more and more.

As working women, working mothers, SAHM’s, we need to find these moments that heal in the most normal yet unconventional ways.

We don’t always have the time to find 60mins for ourselves, or the support for that matter.

It is in these small moments that we must find our peace.  

So next time you make playdough, make YOUR favourite colour and YOUR favourite scent, and roll those problems away.

Michelle x

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