But why should I bother using essential oils?

I heard someone in a pharmacy ask ‘But why should I bother using essential oils?’.

I nearly spat my coffee out, but I kept quiet. It wasn’t my place. My place is not in a pharmacy telling people what they should bother with.

But here, on this blog, I have the freedom…

So why bother using essential oils?
Well, because they rock. Duh.

Now don’t get me wrong: society is a little OTT with the oily love sometimes, but that’s because those who use them can rarely stop gushing about them, and literally tell everyone they meet about the health benefits.

There are different brands everywhere you look, and people offering rollers of love left, right and centre. But that’s because they love oils and legit want you to love them too!

Because they ARE amazing. They have been used as a form of ‘alternative medicine’ for hundreds of years, maybe longer.

But I once heard someone say: 

‘with great power comes

great responsibility’. 

A movie quote yes, but I don’t know where from... but it is so true, especially in relation to anything you use near your body.

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In many cases, 1 drop of essential oil has the equivalent to 15 cups of the same herbal tea. In fact, I think 1 drop of pure Peppermint oil may be more!

Pure essential oils are derived from plants by means of distillation or cold press. They are concentrated plant extracts and are referred to as ‘essential’ since they capture the plants ‘essence’, their scent and flavour.

Essential oils are most commonly used for aromatherapy. They are usually inhaled through the nose, or rubbed on the skin with the use of a carrier oil (a base oil that is used to dilute essential oils to a safe ratio before application).

Essential oils can have a wide range of benefits, from emotional to physical, with the inhaling of the oils stimulating the limbic system. This is the part of the brain that assists with emotions, behaviours and memory formation.

With that in mind, you can see why there would be a HUGE benefit to wearing diffusing jewelry. Having your own diffuser close at hand, all day, every day, can be a game changer.

Feeling run down?
Pop some peppermint on your Necklace.

How about a drop of lavender on your Lava Bracelet.

5 days overdue with baby number 3?
Add a drop of clary sage to any Lava Stone
or Natural Wood bead you can find...

or roll in it...*

 *Maybe consult a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and your OBGYN first!

Oil diffusing jewelry is both practical and necessary.

Here at DeFuze, we pride ourselves on good quality products that just make sense. Our bag tags and key chains mean that even going to the gym can be filled with oils.

Teachers can lather their DeFuze lanyards in calming oils, find a reason to talk to every child, and pass on the oil properties without touching anyone.


We love our oil diffusing jewelry, and we are sure you will too.

Don’t forget to tag us in your pics so we can beam with pride at you all! @DeFuze_Australia #DeFuzeAustralia

As always, consult a professional about your condition to achieve the best results for you. DeFuze Australia is not responsible for the type of essential oils you use or how you use them. Please always read the labels.

- Michelle @ DeFuze Australia


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