Diffusing on the go! Why use diffusing jewellery?

It is everywhere at the moment.

You can tell an oiler by their jewellery.

Natural wood or lava stone are the most popular, and for good reason.

So what are the benefits of diffusing jewellery?
Let me tell you…

1. Wearing your oils!

Most of you know the benefits of essential oils by now, so it makes sense to have them on your jewellery.

Essential oils are known mood enhancers, and having something close by makes using essential oils all day, every day much easier.

Here at DeFuze Australia, we use a mix of natural wood and lava stone, which are great ways to hold your scent while you carry on with your day.

2. Low-Tox

Low-tox is the way forward. There are so many chemicals all around us, it is nice to know you can great your own signature scent using essential oils, and be free from all those nasties found in perfume.

Add some to your lava or wood, and you’ll be smelling sweet all day!

3. Make use of your oils

Have a new scent every day, and use your oils in the most cost effective way.

By making your oil last longer, you will use less and save you money… for more oils and jewellery.

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4. Practicality meets fashion

DeFuze Australia diffusing necklaces are practical and fashionable, suitable for work, play and nights out. So you're looking after yourself while looking (and smelling) great. Win win!


Benefits of Inhaling Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils are most commonly used for aromatherapy, being either inhaled through the nose, or rubbed on the skin once diluted with a carrier oil.

Essential oils can have a wide range of benefits, from emotional to physical, with the inhaling of oils stimulating the part of the brain that assists with emotions, behavious and memory formation.

Combining oils with porous lava stones or wood as the vehicle for diffusing allows you to have a diffuser close at hand, all day every day.

And trust me: it can be a life saver!

All our stock is available through our online store.
Custom orders welcome.

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- Michelle x 

DeFuzeAustralia.com.au supplies Australians with handmade essential oil diffusing jewellery, made right here in sunny Western Australia.Shop DeFuze Australia here

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