The Benefits of Lava Stone

Lava Stones (also known as Basalt, Lava Rock, or Volcanic Lava Rock) are created from the raw energies of fire and earth erupting under intense pressure.

They're literally made from hot volcanic lava erupting from deep within the Earth's core, which cools to become porous and black.

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Healing Properties of Lava Stone

The energetic qualities of lava stones derive from their origin at the earth's core. This is why they're known as a stone of rebirth.

Lava stones are said to bring luck, and to have therapeutic benefits:

  • Stability: Lava stones promote mental and emotional stability
  • Clarity: Lava stones are said to promote clarity and courage
  • Emotional: Lava stones could improve anxiety and mood swings
  • Grounding: Lava stones are useful to calm emotions
  • Folk remedy: Lava stones were given to soldiers to help keep them calm during battle.


How to Use Lava Rocks

Lava rocks are recommended to be worn in close contact with the skin, so the energies can flow clearly. Lava Bracelets are worn for this purpose.

They are excellent aroma diffusers, as they are porous with lots of craters on them - no two stones look alike! They absorb essential oils very well, and hold the scent of your oil for days after application.

It truly only takes a drop or two of oil on one or more of the beads on your Lava Bracelet to diffuse.

(Just wait for the oil to get fully absorbed by the beads before you put your bracelet on.) 

Lava stones can also be used in your home, to help with emotional clearing and energy balance of the room. Diffusing Key Rings make it simple to bring your oils with you, from the bedroom to the car, in the office, and on the go.   

Once the aroma starts to fade, you can reapply your oils, or change the aroma depending on your mood or needs.

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Essential Oil Diffusing Jewellery

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