Top 5 back to work tips

So I was recently lucky enough to be offered a job. A job that is a significant step in my dream direction.

I am pumped.
I am ready.
I am sh*%%ing myself.

Going from full time SAHM, to a few days cleaning, to working 3 full days a week has been a big adjustment.

So I have written down a few tips to help us get through!

  1. Buy new Clothes.
    Fake it till you make it so they say. So buy yourself a few new tops and a nice pair of pants. When you feel confident on the outside, it tricks your brain into remembering the professionalism that 5 years in active wear sometimes steals. Heels or nice flats remind you that you that your feet are no longer running after little ones and that you can stand still and ponder for a second before answering a question. New lipstick will entice you think before you speak and get that expensive degree back into the forefront of your mind. Look the part. The rest will follow.


    If anyone says you don’t need new stationary for a part time job, stop being friends with them IMMEDIATLEY! You are a career woman now and do not need that kind of negativity in your life. Pffft… no new stationary? What is wrong with those people? Haven’t they been to Kmart lately??

  3. Find your scent.
    I personally wear essential oils as a daily PUREfume. I love my doTerra InTune blend, especially when I need to be on the ball. I pop some on my fingers and roll it over my DeFuze necklace or lanyard, and on my wrists and neck. But even a signature perfume that you only wear to work will help stimulate your brain and separate home and work life.

  4. Plan Plan Plan
    Meal plan, weekly planners, a diary and a calendar. Get what works for you and use it. I try to plan on a Sunday, but since moving house that has been a little all over the place. But I feel so much better when I can see my week on paper in front of me. It also helps others in my family see what is coming up and can help with communication with my husband. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to happen.

  5. Use your village.
    Kids sick and can’t go to day care? Stressed and in need of a haircut? Desperate for a date night? Shout out to your village! Maybe you have a friend who is studying and happy to sit watching cartoons all day while they study. Or maybe another mother is home with a little one with the same thing. Schedule in a date night with family who can watch your babes. People are around who can help. But you have to be brave enough to ask.

So, there are my top 5 tips. They certainly helped me this week. Do you have any to add?

Michelle x

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