When a house becomes a home.

We have been in our new house for about 9 weeks now. Wow that’s gone fast!
It took some time for the enormity of the list of things to do to actually snick in,
but when it did, by golly were we surprised!
We built on a beautiful big block, just over half an acer.
We have 3 gorgeous old trees in the front garden, but that is it, the rest is sand. We are on a caul-de-sac, with the beach dunes at the end of the road. A place where kangaroos, rabbits and bandicoots call home.
After quickly realizing that the alfresco was the first thing we needed, everything else kinda… stopped.

We pondered.
We discussed.
We thought about.

But little got done.
Its hard to plod along with jobs when you are trying to get
the big picture into your head.
Boxes lay full.
Wall were bare.

And we felt uneasy.
Our minds were busy with al things life, and then we would look around to a full house. We didn't know where things were; cables, shoes, teddies.
So I started putting things up.

We started putting things away.
To be safe, I started in the kids rooms, (husbands tend not to be too bothered about those rooms), and I slowly branched out. Sometimes Phill came home to a whole new thing, other times I had to wait and discuss with him… which drove me mad because I just wanted it done my way! (Ha ha ha. Jks. I think…)
Now we finally have little corners, nooks and crannies that make my heart smile.
We still have so so much to do, but having little areas that feel homely makes
such a difference. Not just for the look, but for our mental health!
Living with boxes everywhere is not helpful for a clear mind.
We have a long way to go, but our house is now a home. 
Our forever home. And we are happily plodding away.
Stay tuned for more pics.
Michelle x

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