About Us

Who are DeFuze?

It began as 3 mums with passion, experience, drive, with a true sense of nurturing for our tribe.  There were a whole bunch of kids: 8 kids and 3 husbands (does that make 11 kids?) between us. 

Nowadays, there's a new passionate owner, and an energetic team of DeFuzer's focused on expanding their passion for healing, building an oilie's community and living our best holistic life!

We are located in Western Australia, and love the relaxed nature of our space. Surrounded by beaches, fresh air, penguin island and the best kite surfing areas in the word.

Our goal is to inspire people to take control of their health... and what better way to do it than by smelling, feeling and looking amazing?!

We believe in the power of essential oils, and love to give families a unique way to use them.

Most of our products are handmade in our own homes.

We are realistic holistic people who just want to change the world, one oily necklace at a time!

How did we get here?

As oilers, we were frustrated at the lack of diffusing accessories available. Everything we could find was "stock standard", had little creativity or depth of range... let alone there was nothing available to suit our modern day/night apparel.

After listening to one too many complaints, there was an "idea". After a little trial and error, we realised we were onto something exciting, and knew we had to spread the word!

Where we started?



Nicola Hudson @ponytails_and_fairytales @defuze_australia

Nicola was behind the DeFuze scenes, usually with her 2 girls alongside her. Her passion for empowering woman, developing their skills, and sharing knowledge has been the driving force behind DeFuze.
When she's not building websites, planning, directing, or educating, she is busy managing the brands “Ponytails and Fairytales” and “School Ponytails”, “Sports Day Shop”, as well as Australia's original bow fundraiser, "Fundraise with Bows".
All 3 brands operate online via www.PonytailsAndFairytales.com.au.


Lisa, Michelle, & Nicola


Michelle Bell @defuze_australia
Lisa and her family


Our original trio combined very different personalities to create a very exciting business.
Our stockists know Lisa. She’s a mum of 4 (1 mini me and 3 boisterous boys), and first started using essential oils to help with the emotions surround pregnancy and FIFO life. We know Lisa as driven, selfless, and caring. Nowadays, she’s working part-time, and studying midwifery. She’s found her calling, and is living her best life.


If you’ve ever seen us on Facebook or Instagram, you’d know Michelle. She’s the mumma of a pigeon pair who is passionate about helping the families in her community, from birth and beyond. She’s been featured on the DeFuze Australia blog numerous times, and is so very thoughtful, creative, and mindful. Nowadays, she’s working part-time, and studying mental health. She’s definitely found her calling, and is exactly where she needs to be!


Who we are now?


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 After building a community feel café from the ground up. Central Block Coffee - Jason is ready to extend the same passion, dedication and sense of community to DeFuze Australia. We want people to share, live and love all the great things oilies already know!

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you, and love interacting via our Facebook, email at defuzeaustralia@gmail.com and Instagram feeds. You can always just click the "Message Us" button on our store, and you'll be sure to catch us, even if it's just to say "Hi!".


Thanks for taking the time to get to know us, 

Jason and Team DeFuze