Product Instructions & FAQs

Why choose DeFuze Australia?

DeFuze is Australian owned, & handmade. All of our silicone & wood beads are certified & tested to conform to applicable safety & quality standards, so you are assured of the high quality components in your jewellery & accessories when you purchase DeFuze branded products.

Which beads do you put the essential oils on, & how much?

The lava beads are black & porous, with “craters” on them. The wood beads are pale & unfinished. They are smooth & clearly look “like wood”! These are the beads that you apply one drop of oil to.

Only 1-3 wood or lava beads require oil to achieve the aromatherapy effect. If at some point you want more immediate results, you can bring your jewellery piece closer to your nose & inhale deeply.

The rest of the beads are silicone, & these are for decoration purposes. These should not have oil applied to them, & should be wiped clean if oil is transferred.

The lava beads come slightly waxed, which gives them a slight sheen. Some prefer this look, and others prefers the natural stone look. To loosen the wax, and allow more oil to be absorbed, we recommend giving these beads a gentle rinse with dishwashing liquid, and allowing them to dry completely. You can then apply your favourite oil!
Application tips

Use your finger & rub your favourite 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil in to your lava or wood beads before putting on your jewellery. The beads will absorb the oils fairly quickly, but may appear wet for a short time.

If you have applied too much oil, gently wipe your beads with a dry finger (you can rub excess behind your ears or on your wrists if you’re not sensitive to the oil) or cloth & allow them to dry by letting the oils soak in for a couple of minutes. The longer you allow the oils to absorb, the longer your scent may last.

Essential oils are highly concentrated, so always look out for any reactions when using undiluted oils, & please always read the labels. Contact for advice on the best oils for your needs, & their application.

Can you use more than one kind of oil on the lava or wood beads?

After a day or so, the aromatherapy on the lava or wood will start to fade, so you can use more than one oil on them. There are certain oils that can last as long as a week!

We like to add our oils every morning, & often reapply in the afternoon, but you can apply oils as often as you like!

How do I care for my jewellery?

You should only apply essential oils to the lava & wood beads. If you happen to get any on your chain or elsewhere, please wipe clean.

We use stainless steel in as many components as possible, as this material resists corrosion from the oils, however all metals will degrade over time.

To keep them at their best, we suggest you minimize your jewellery’s exposure to any chemicals, such as lotions, oil blends, hairspray, etc.

We recommend storing your jewellery in a dry environment to avoid oxidation, & that you take them off before swimming, bathing, sleeping, or exercising.

Will the oils stain my clothes?

DeFuze is not responsible for the type of essential oils you use or how you use them. Please always read the labels.

We recommend you only use 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, as they should wash out; they will also deliver the most beneficial aromatic experience.

Where can I find DeFuze in store??

A current list of DeFuze stockists can be found here.