What makes a bad feminist?


Feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women.


I am a feminist.

But I am struggling with a few concepts that make me question my stance as a feminist. The biggest being...


Does that make me a bad feminist?

The concept of striving for some sort of ‘ideal’ version of a woman’s body really irritates me. I don’t want to have a perfect body. I work out for health, both physical and mental, not for skinny. I eat the foods my body enjoys. I like wine. I am letting my greys grow.

But my saggy, post breastfeeding boobs sometimes get me down. It’s not so much the shape or feel, neither my husband nor boob snuggling daughter seems to mind. It is more how they look in clothes, in bra’s or bathers.

I always need a bra, a certain bra, and since I have one boob bigger than the other, finding a good one is hard, and often expensive. Bathers are a nightmare if they don’t have the right lift, but not too much lift because its only skin being lifted so I don’t want to end up with a weird wrinkle thing. Boob tubes look ridiculous, and those cute off shoulder tops are out because I don’t have a good enough bra to wear them.

So it seem like a lot of my problems would be eliminated
with a simple boob job.

However the mere thought of it makes me question my beliefs. How can I grow my hair all natural, but want better boobs? Does wanting cosmetic surgery mean that I am being brain washed by the magazines and movies?

When I look at it rationally, without the hysteria, no, of course I am not.

Wanting to feel more confident in my own body, wanting to feel sexier and more womanly, does not make me a bad feminist.

It makes me a human.
It makes me a woman.

I suppose the difference is when we want something for ourselves, not because someone else has told us we need it. If we choose to have Botox and it boosts our confidence, why not! It seems no different to a brunette dying her hair blonde. If we want our boobs bigger or smaller or just the same bloody size, that is our prerogative.

Having the option to choose how we want our body or face to look is surely part of the feminist movement, not us going against it. The fact that WE get to choose should be celebrated. The issues arise when women feel they MUST look a certain way.

That is certainly not how I feel. I just want to be a hot mumma with grey hair, with boobs the same size in a cute off shoulder top. Is that so much to ask?

So to all you cosmetic surgery loving feminist out there,
know there is no judgement here.
Feminism is about woman’s rights.
Our rights to choose and be treated fairly.

No matter how we decide we want to look.

Michelle x


Michelle Bell, Partner at DeFuze Australia, is the resident blog star.

Michelle is the creative DeFuzer behind the socials and blog. 
As a mumma of 2, she uses essential oils for EVERYTHING and is passionate about helping the families in her community share the load. 
Michelle works part-time and is always looking for ways to have better work/life/home harmony. 
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